April 22nd Earth Day

What can we do..

earth day
With winter in our rearview mirror and the muchly anticipated days of spring beginning to appear, today marks the yearly celebration of Earth Day.  This year is the 51st Anniversary.  People have been very passionate over the years to raise their concerns about how we are treating the beautiful planet we live on.  Since the 1970’s, we have been trying to make a difference to reduce pollution and waste, take action against deforestation that heavily impacts varieties of wildlife and so much more.

What does one do throughout the year for the Earth?  This is something we should be consciously always thinking about, it is better to do something than nothing.  The other 364 days in the year are just as important as this one day.

What do we do every spring after the snow melts away?  It is a fantastic start in the spring to pick up the garbage in and around your community/ditches/your own yard.  Compost the leaves and dead grass to help rejuvenate your lawns.  These little things make a huge difference and the curb appeal to visitors in and around where you live shows how passionate we are to take care of the area we live in.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle are the three easy steps students have talked about each year and discuss what they themselves or with their families do to make a difference.  Some things students mentioned that they do is not to waste water or electricity. Do not leave water running when brushing their teeth or turn off a light in their house if you are not in that room.   Students also mentioned that they make things out of reusable materials to play with.  Oh, and those plastic water bottles, milk jugs, or pop bottles you may have in your recycling bins can be used to make homemade bird feeders or homes. 

Composting is another easy and effective way they help keep garbage out of the landfill.  Many of our students commented that this is one thing they do.

Composting is very easy here are the items that you can put into it:


Many families use this rich soil in their gardens each year.  Compost has many rich nutrients that help their gardens grow.

See the photos in our gallery to see what we did.  If everyone does a little it will help a lot, because there is no Planet B!!