Annual Terry Fox Run/Walk

Annual Terry Fox Run/Walk
Posted on 10/09/2018
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This year our Terry Fox Run took place on Friday, October 5th.  Our students and staff trudged through the snow to show their support!!  Usually our school traditionally runs or walks down the old highway, however with the current surprising weather as of late, we walked/ran laps in our school ground.  
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Before we started our run, the students and staff filled out their, I Am Running For... stickers.  Every class took turns placing their stickers on the poster board.  The Terry Fox Foundation has raised millions of dollars for research to help find a cure for cancer, and we are proud to be a part of that.  It affects so many people and we hope that one day Terry's wish for a cure will come true.

We are so pleased to report that we raised $1788.60!!

Thank you to all who donated and supported this great cause.
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