...poof here we are OCTOBER! We dove right into our student vote on the 2nd of October with Miss Krahn's grade 3/4 class running the student vote station that was sent up in the gym. It is a great opportunity for students to learn about democracy and government.

In addition, we also had some visitors to our school. Members of the RRSD Board of Trustees along with Mr. Cline, RRSD Superintendent, toured our classrooms to see what we are up too! Perfect day to see the buzz in our one hallway school. Thank you to Cedar and Shya for being their tour guides.

Mr. Stephenson and the Jr Highs travelled down to Minnedosa to take part in the The RRAA Jr. High Soccer tournament which was postponed from the 5th, due to bad weather, to the 10th.
The team played great and came home with 2 wins and 2 losses.

Miss Krahn and Ms. Robinson held the first Yearbook Club meeting to see who would be interested in putting our 2023-2024 school year on paper. They had a great turn out with about 10 members have joined. We would like to welcome Dylan, Lealia, Meadow, Braxtyn, Jayden, Haven, Cai, Isla, Cedar and Shya to the team!! Can't wait to see their creativity flow.

The Cross Country team which consisted of Lexi, Haven, Cedar, Meadow, and Jayden were very successful at the Cross Country run on October 18th. Thank you to Miss Krahn for coaching again this year.

Last but not least, we are very grateful to be able to celebrate our October holidays of Thanksgiving and Halloween.
Ms. Silverthorn and her grade 1/2 class shared in their newsletter entry about what being grateful means to them. Here is what they had to say. "Gratitude turns what we have into enough. We shared our thankful hearts with one another and focused on our most important things in our lives, our families. We also spoke about how we have the power to envision a world where peace prevails for all families around the world." Thank you for sharing and it gives one something to think about.

We closed out the month with a yummy hot dog and snacks lunch on the 30th. We would like to thank all the families for donating one thing to our snack table that the Grade 5/6 class helped to set up. Then bring on Halloween!! It was a fun filled morning with great stations created by Mrs. Tyschinski's 7/8 class. We had a virtual/coloring station, Just Dance, Gym games, and the famous disgusting touch station which consisted of eyeballs, intestines,....ya well you get the idea. HAHAHA Then at 11:30 we had our costume parade! We would like to thank the families who were able to come and see all the wonderful costumes.

Below are some snippets of our October activities.