7/8 Field Trip

The grade 7/8 class had a great time at the Anglican Church Camp in RMNP.  The day started learning about the rules and safety of the camp.  Then the students were off to get settled into their cabins.

Late afternoon and evening consisted of hanging out, dinning, playing a very competitive game of man tracker and canoeing.  The next morning they were woken early to a thunderstorm passing through the region.  After the storm they proceeded to the hall for breakfast and finished the morning splitting into teams to compete for the coveted Survival Challenge Trophy!!  It was a well played game, however their can be only one group that wins!! Congratulations go out to the Anglican Angels, which consisted of Cole Erickson, Meghan Nixon, Dylan Miko, and Anthony Houle. 

We are sad to report that the Survival Challenge Trophy which has existed at our school since 2001 is now being retired to the trophy shelf because there is no more room on it.  BUT, there will be another one created to take its place for future winners!!
e would like to take this opportunity to thank the Anglican Camp for their hospitality and amazing meals!  We heard they were absolutely amazing!!