Oak Hammock Marsh Presentations

On Friday, April 5th we had two kind ladies from Oak Hammock Marsh to deliver very educational presentations to each class. Please read below to see what they learned about.

Elsie from Oak Hammock Marsh delivered the "What's for Dinner" presentation to the grade 5&6 class.  We learned about the different types of owls that could be found in Manitoba, and then dissected owl pellets to see what a great horned owl eats.  We found bones and fur from different rodents.  It was a lot of fun.  Thanks Elsie.


Project Wet: Students in Grades 1/2 were involved in some fun, interactive and hands on water-based activities. They learned about water in places like oceans, lakes, rivers, plants, glaciers, ground, animals, clouds, etc.  Through activities they gained an understanding of how much of the earth's water is actually available for us to drink and the importance of taking care of the earth so that we have clean drinking water.  

 Project Wet



The Grade 3/4 class had a presentation sponsored by the Little Saskatchewan Conservation District.  An interpreter from Oak Hammock Marsh talked to our class about what happens to animals in the winter.    They learned about the difference between hibernators and super nappers.  The presenter was very impressed with the student's current knowledge and understanding of various habitats and adaptations.  They asked great questions and were very good participants.