Seeds to Plants~What do they need?

Update:  June 18th
The kindergarten class have now added the herbs Thyme, Basil, and Dill to one of the planters in the learning garden.
The transplant of each was successful, gentle loving care and water does the trick every time!!  We hope they do well over the summer for people to use.
Great Job Kindergarten for taking such good care of them!!

Please read below to learn how it was all started and the hard work that went into it!

Yesterday, Monday April 15
th, in library the Kindergarten class did some research about how plants grow.

First we read a book from National Geographic Readers called:  Seed to Plant by
Kristin Baird Rattini to learn what a seed needs to grow into a plant. 

This book was very informative.  The class found out that the three main ingredients needed are water, sunlight, and soil which some of the students already knew.  Also, they learned some fun facts about plants.  For example; some plants can be made into clothing or strawberries seeds are found on the outside of the fruit rather than inside.
Planting Seeds

watering seeds
After our research, the class took part in planting their own seeds.  They planted Basil, Thyme, and Dill.  They all took turns filling their pots with soil, added the seeds, and gently watered them.
These 3 plants as well help us use our 5 senses. 

Here are the 5 questions we hope to have answers for in the weeks to come:

  • What will they look like?
  • What will they smell like?   
  • What will they feel like? 
  • What will they taste like? 
  • Can you hear the sound each herb makes?

Seed to Plant

The Kinder's are going to be in charge of watering and making sure they are getting enough sunlight everyday with the help of Ms. Robinson and Ms. Gerow.

When the herbs outgrow their pots, we will be transplanting them into our learning garden.  Here’s hoping to warmer weather coming our way very soon.

Update:  The Kindergarten class have been taking good care of their herbs by watering them when needed and placing them on a sunny windowsill. 
The dill is growing quickly, the basil is slowly making an appearance, but the thyme is taking its time breaking through. 
The kindergarten class noticed that the dill stems were leaning to one side.  We explained to them that plants love the sun so much they will lean in the direction of the suns rays to get as much sunlight as possible.  We turned the pot the opposite direction from the window and this is what happened!
Seed to Plant
The Kindergarten class checked a couple hours later and noticed that the plants turned toward the sun.  

Seed to Plant