Performances and Class Workshops

On Tuesday, Feb 3rd Onanole School had two special guests.
Logan McKillop, a former student of OES and Madeline Roger from Winnipeg. 
Logan is a school alumnus who has become a well known
folk/roots singer-songwriter and storyteller.  It has been our privilege for Logan to visit us in the past and we were so happy to have him back bringing along with him, Madeline Roger who shares that same love for music.  Madeline is a well accomplished
folksinger, producer, and songwriter.  Madeline had been nominated for “English Songwriter of the Year” at the 2020 Canadian Folk Music Awards. 

Our staff and students started out the day gathering in the gym to hear the story telling through song performed by Logan and Madeline.  They introduced themselves and talked a bit about what they do and where they have performed. Then Logan and Madeline sang a few songs which they composed themselves.  Everyone was so engaged in the sound, harmony, and lyrics that told stories you could not help to hold onto from beginning to end.

After our assembly, each class had the opportunity to have Logan and Madeline visit their classrooms throughout the day.  Verses, choruses, genres, and rhythms were created from the depths of our students’ imaginations and put onto paper to create the catchiest songs.  Great job to the Grade ¾ and 5/6 classes for coming up with your songs.

They also created a Musical Timeline poster that facilitated great conversations about music from long ago to present day.  The students had the opportunity to pick different musicians and guess which era their music was found.  From the 1930’s to Present, there were some songs that were recognized, and some new ones discovered.  

Music is so good for the mind, body, and soul.  It also allows us to take a walk back in time.  Is there ever a song that you have heard from the past that you can relate it to a time in your life perhaps, a TV show or commercial, happy or sad moment of your life, special event or occasion?  Music has connected all walks of life and brought people together.  It is one of the most impactful and mood changing enjoyments that a person can have that connects with their memories throughout ones existence.