Safety Is Our #1 Priority!!

This week, October 21-25, is the Provincial School Bus Safety Week.  This brings awareness to all students, staff, and community members in and around our areas about the importance of bus safety!
Either being a passenger or commuter being aware of what to do when boarding, riding, or approaching a school bus is imperative.  A child's safety is our #1 priority at Onanole Elementary School.
That's why every year in September we go through the rules of the bus, do's and don'ts, and different scenarios.
Mr. Ed Zatylny was happy once again to go through some of these with our students that don't ride the bus because they are either new students, town students or are students who get picked up or dropped off.  He talked about the rules on his bus(which are posted above where the bus driver sits for all to see), demonstrated how all the exits work on the bus, along with practicing a couple of different scenarios to help them know what to do to get off of a bus safely.  These are important practices for all students.
Some of our students will be taking part in the Bus Safety Poster Contest which sparks up more discussion about Bus Safety.