Grade 1/2 Project for the Birds!!!

The Grade ½ students had the challenge of building bird nest as a part of their science unit!  They had a week to get their creative juices flowing!!

The task at hand was having to build a bird nest that would fit a bird.  The students could use materials found outside that a bird would use to build a nest.  Some of these things were grass, moss, lichen, pieces of scrap cloth, branches, string, corn husks, feathers, clay, mud and cattail fluff.

Students also used materials that aren’t necessarily found outside like liquorice and painted rocks displayed as eggs!

Kalla Porter said,”This project was really fun.  It was a bit hard to shape the nests together, but I was happy to have the chance to make a bird nest and get REALLY messy!”


The bird nests are on display in our hallway close to the office if anyone wants to check them out!!

To see them all, please click here: