It Was A Halloween Spectacular Kinda Day

And just like that October has come to a close, but not without a load of fun all wrapped up in one day.  (Ha Ha…wrapped…Mummy…HAHAHA) Sorry, I had too.

Business as usual happened in the morning with a few Halloween classroom activities.  Just to mention a few, the kindergarten class were busy making a paper Mache pumpkin in the weeks leading up to Halloween.  Ms. Clark filled it with candy for them to break apart.  Ms. Clark was so happy to see the excitement in their eyes and especially proud to see the wonderful sharing of the treats.  Then the grade ¾ class got their hands dirty after some pumpkin predictions. 
They learned how you could measure the circumference of a pumpkin.  Then they went on to predict how many seeds they thought this pumpkin would have and counted them all out to see who was closest in their prediction.  Awesome learning.

When the bell struck 1, students gathered in the gym for the long-awaited costume parade.   Students were very excited to show off their costumes.  Lots of great costume ideas and there were even a few homemade ones that were very creative.  We were pleased to see so many parents here taking in the parade with lots of smiles and conversation.

After the parade, students gathered in their spirit groups to take part in the Halloween Stations.  There were 6 stations created by the Grade 7/8 class which consisted of:

  • Touch Station: this station is by far the most entertaining station which facial expressions are a very clear indication of the guess what’s it is mystery is quickly discussed.From mashed up brains(jello), guts(pumpkin innards/seeds)…well you get the idea…when you can’t see what you are touching your mind can go WILD.
  • Spooky Basketball Gym: Students had the opportunity to shoot some hoops.Isn’t that easy for some in a costume you know.
  • Coloring Station/Spook Tac Toe:This activity is obviously self-explanatory.
  • Spider Web Maze:This maze was constructed cleverly in which to try to ensnare its victims without mercy.Students had to crawl under, in between, and over the strings of webs to count all the spiders.Once in they had to get out…some made it….some didn’t.Just Kidding..or are we.(tehe)
  • Just Dance Halloween:Each group had the opportunity to dance to some of the Just Dance Halloween theme tunes.Some of them had some fun and tricky moves.Great song choices!!
  • Spooky Mini Sticks:Very similar to the basketball, playing any kind of sport in a costume and in a partially dim lit gym can be a bit tricky.

And before you know it…the day was over.  Just like that! 

A BIG thank you to the Grade 7/8 class for creating the stations, we appreciate the time you put into it.