So much fun in Kindergarten

Kindergarten News
Hello there!  We are the kindergarten class of Onanole School.  Of course, we had butterflies in our tummies on our first couple of days of school.  But that is normal, the butterflies have now flown away.

Mrs. Lindsay is our teacher and is very kind to us all.  She always has fun and interesting things to teach us.  We really like our classroom.  Each one of us has our own supplies and desk.
We started the year travelling back in time walking into our classroom with WOW faces!! It was turned into a prehistoric world with a volcano and dinosaurs.  We read stories and did activities that followed this theme.  Who doesn't like DINOSAURS!?

Of course, we have been busy doing other things too so check out the photo gallery from time to time to check and see what we have been up too!!